A Sign of The End

003Albert Of course my biggest prizes are my daughter, fiancée, and my new arrival Albert. Albert is a smoky grey, bundle of joy, kitten. But I decided that I would write about my favorite prize possession instead and this possession is my time capsule.
I call my time capsule A Sign of the End. I had gotten the name from the biblical Alpha and Omega and how there will be a flow of events that will be a sign of the end. The flow of events that pertain to the meaning of these knickknacks just let me know that there was an end coming.
I love to go around the shops and I had noticed this wave of witch craft paraphernalia; which I also knew is against the law to sell. I bought some relics over a three-year period and now I have noticed that the market has cleared out of them.
I just recently realized that I have a shelf full of historical relics for my “Life and Times” in the fallacy. Mid evil being the half way point.
With some old water-bed boards I made a shelf for my artifacts and when I get more established I am going to invest into a much nicer version.
This is the beginning of the end.
Maybe I should change the name?

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