The Other Side

The one thing I would love to do most before I die is to stop that darkest hour from happening. The Lord is my Sheppard and I do believe that a time of salvation is coming. To experience this would truly be superb.
I would also love to be around long enough to tour some of Europe. France, Italy, Britain, Ireland, and some others; the old country and the home of some of my ancestors. It really is very fascinating.
Breaking away from an abusive family and going to university for a couple of years would escalate me into the social aspect of putting something into life. I have spent years trying to achieve this and it tickles me as much as living forever.
The trip to Europe would work nicely into my chosen career; this could be a good sign.
It is also very important to me for my work to be teeming with efficiency. Also to have this effectiveness in the other areas of my life.
These are my main feats and if these materialize the small stuff, that I don’t sweat, will fall in place.

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