Time to Snuggle

Time to Snuggle

Friday night was always my night to party.  My Saturday would start with turning on the morning cartoons and recover from the night before.  As I got older I got free of the party and I started to look forward to Saturday Night at The Movies on TVO.  I would make my popcorn, get my pillow, blanket, and then I would settle in to watch.  TVO doesn’t have the program any longer and I gave up the popcorn.  A movie can be hard to find on regular TV.  I found a  Smart TV on sale at Tepperman’s; a gift from a very good friend of mine.  Now its to find the time to work it back into my schedule.  Blogging University and my regular routine has kept me very busy.  I have been getting some  time to relax in front of the TV and my blogging education is starting to pay its rewards.  This evening I have a commitment and when I get home it is Saturday Night at The Movies.  I will be relaxed with my pillow and blanket (my blog is on its way) in front of my home entertainment center.  Now I am looking forward to one day having my guy with me and on Saturday Night we can snuggle and watch a movie.

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