A Penny For My Thoughts

A Penny For My Thoughts

At one time I did not go on the internet and I had no real desire to be a part of the World Wide Web.  The Web has started to become a requirement like a telephone.  They also have acknowledged that it is going to only get bigger.  I started thinking about getting myself a laptop. 

When I quit smoking 14 months ago I had seen one for a price I could afford and I purchased it.  A couple of weeks later I was on line and loving it. 

I was having some health issues and I also learned what it is to turn 50; the suggested health care requirements:  all from searching the web. 

In October my daughter signed me on to Facebook.  I have been loving all of this the whole time.  Then I found Google.  I have some good stuff going on there.  Then I found the blog. 

I have heard about blogs especially for the business world.  So I have some hopes and dreams and developing blog skills and having a blog will be a super asset to these goals. 

So far I am doing really well (I have to take a break for a couple of days) and I have been enjoying it. 

My writing is starting to improve and this really is just what I needed. 

You here a lot of negative about sites . But if you look in the right places there is a lot of really positive good stuff also.

I am apologizing for my submission being a day late.  I am hoping that I may be excused.

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