My Worst Day Dressed

This sounds a little strange and in a way it is. I am a victim of the bad hair day syndrome. When I am in this state the day seems dismal and desolate, my energy is blah, and in appearance I look as I feel which is somewhat gross.
What in the world am I going to do with my totally unmanageable hair? In reviewing my closet it will take something with comfort and add some style. I have just recently become aware of how well I don’t do with dressing myself while I am in this state.
Presently I am unemployed and I mostly walk to everywhere I am going and on this day I had a doctor’s appointment. I have gotten to dress and do my hair in such a way that I have an “environmentally friendly” experience while I am outdoors.
This is done by wash and wear. Once it is dry I give it 100 strokes and then give it some style by running my finger through it to make it go back and then I put it lightly behind my ears.
I chose to wear my button fly Levi’s, a grey Reebok sweet shirt with a brown spandex camisole underneath. The camisole was long enough that I pulled it down and it showed as a layer below my sweat shirt. I then put a LA Blues waist length blue jean jacket. For my makeup I applied some foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, liner, mascara, and some lip gloss. I wore some silver coloured metal rose earrings with a little silver balls for the second holes. I wore my watch which has a 1 1\2″ face with my friendship bracelets, and last but not least my heart-shaped morganite stone 14k ring. I also always wore a belt in my Levi belt loops that is brown and 2″ wide with a plane buckle. Lastly I sprayed on my Ester Lauder Pleasure perfume.
When I looked in the mirror I knew I looked like a bum. But in all honesty I felt like a million bucks with that camisole hugging my thighs (latest trend) that I have spent the last year exercising.
I wore it a couple of times this past winter; boosting a false confidence at first and then getting back into reality.
I am not a trend person; I do my own thing. So I found that it matched the rest of my syndrome; insane.

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