Daily Prompt: My “Sea Food Diet”

My see food diet sets my mind adrift every time I am wading around food or floating past a shop.  The after season candy clear out discounts send me adrift to receive the wave of savings.  While I am docked at home the underwater currents keep my mind whirling.  My stomach growls like the gusting winds of a full force gale.  This obsession, compulsion, or addiction is as relentless as the waves from a hurricane that are crashing into the land day after day.  It sets out to destroy my heart and soul and leave my body a huge mass of destroyed flesh that is “all washed up” and displayed for others to have thoughts and indignities.  Meditation is my first sight of land ahoy.  The calm tranquil ease sooths my mind, body, and soul.  The waves freeze in time; waiting for their next opportunity to strike.  The calming of the sea’s is a beginning freedom in our redemption.  It is a good thing that I have learned how to swim.  I am going to have to thank the lifesavers who have taught me so well how to tread these waters.

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