My fight with “The Man” isn’t finalized yet but it is obvious that I am the winner.  My rights have always been taken from me by my parents and my older brother.  I went from this kind of home to domestic violence.  It was when I left the domestic violence that my life literally became a nightmare.  My daughter and I were at a family amusement center when all of a sudden a man that we didn’t know had grabbed her by the back of the head then he looked at me and said, “you want to leave”, and then he proceeded to smack her head off of a pole.  She was four years old at the time.  The man was in shock at his actions, he had been just standing there and then all of a sudden.  I knew that it was because of my daughters father and my own family that this man had done what he did.  When I reported to the police that my privacy was violated (how they see you coming) and that I wanted it stopped.  The officer looked up at me and with defeat and pain in his eyes I knew that it was beyond his control to help me.  I turned to my daughter and said, “come on let’s go”.  When I got to the door I turned and noticed that the cop had a vex welling up inside of him and all of a sudden he rose and started walking towards me and when he reached me he grabbed me from behind and said, “you are under arrest”.  I knew that I had done nothing wrong  and the only thing I said was that my privacy was violated and that I wanted it stopped.  I had not even mentioned the “unspoken”.  Out of instinct I tried to knock him off of me.  I knew I didn’t want to wrestle with him because it was circumstance and then the next thing I remember I was on the floor with him holding me down (I was not resisting) and two other back up cops arriving.  The one back up cop that I had talked to a few months earlier had called my dad (this is how he new that this arrest was ritual abuse because I was 29 not a minor) and my family doctor.  They brought me into the interrogation room and I was standing with my hands cuffed behind my back.  The other cop from back up grabbed me by the back of the head and said, “put your head down, put your head down”, and he was trying to force my head down.  I couldn’t hold it off anymore so I let go and my head smacked off the desk.  Next they brought me out to the reception area and my family doctor was there and he said that I was a paranoid schizophrenic.  I thought what???, I am not paranoid.  Then they put me on a 72hr form.  I had sensed before I went that it wasn’t going to have a very positive result but I was not expecting what had happened.  This sullying did get worse but today my doctor and these police officers know that my older brother is the one who is paranoid and him along with my parents, my daughter father (who has been in prison for 16yrs), and a few others are in the process of being incriminated. One of my grade school teachers had taught us “the devil is powerful but God is almighty”. This has always stuck with me; it has been a light in my life and sure feels good to win.

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