My Chamber

My Chamber

It has always been suggested that we take some time to rest to take that load off.  I am just reaching to practice this.  I have quit smoking and for the past 14 months I have kept really busy to keep myself from thinking of a smoke.  Now I am starting to unwind and really stop the winding from latching on with some meditation music in the background of my aura.  I have also achieved the ability to let go of stresses as I go through my day; self help is a blessing.  What I need to do now is get it to be a part of my daily routine.  At night I like to find a couple shows or a good movie to watch; put my feet up and let the couch support my weight including my head. I can feel the release from that heavy load wearing and tearing as much on my physical existence as it does on my soul.  This release is so big that it has proven to me how important it is to take a break.  My chamber reverses the affecting stresses and physical heaviness in my world. 

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