I am Ready

I am ready to come back to my blogging. I have missed it and I am ready for some blogging fun. Tomorrow will be my first day.

Been a While

I haven’t done anything with my blog for about a week.  I am spring cleaning and it feels great to get it done!  I am going to be another week or two.  Have a great day!!!!

A Sign of The End

003Albert Of course my biggest prizes are my daughter, fiancée, and my new arrival Albert. Albert is a smoky grey, bundle of joy, kitten. But I decided that I would write about my favorite prize possession instead and this possession is my time capsule.
I call my time capsule A Sign of the End. I had gotten the name from the biblical Alpha and Omega and how there will be a flow of events that will be a sign of the end. The flow of events that pertain to the meaning of these knickknacks just let me know that there was an end coming.
I love to go around the shops and I had noticed this wave of witch craft paraphernalia; which I also knew is against the law to sell. I bought some relics over a three-year period and now I have noticed that the market has cleared out of them.
I just recently realized that I have a shelf full of historical relics for my “Life and Times” in the fallacy. Mid evil being the half way point.
With some old water-bed boards I made a shelf for my artifacts and when I get more established I am going to invest into a much nicer version.
This is the beginning of the end.
Maybe I should change the name?


This is a story about Manual.
All and all he is a pretty cool guy.
Manual is one of my co-workers. We also car pool together and our wives both belong to the PTA.
It was really quite amazing when Manual had transferred to our office from the head office that he had purchased the house that had been up for sale next door to ours.
I had seen him moving in on the weekend and Monday morning we were both leaving our houses and into our cars at the same time. I had followed him into the parking lot at work and when we got out of our cars we both had quite a laugh.
He works in quality control and I work in purchasing.
The thing I noticed about him is the way he has knows how to fix anything. He is a walking manual.
It is a bonus having him as a neighbour and friend.

Daily Prompt: I can’t stay mad at you.

I never have held grudges or have stayed mad at anyone. But I will stay away from people. Which for some people who I have met in my life is the obvious thing to do. I do really well with this issue. In the past I have experienced some bad situations. The sky’s, I have just realized, are clearing up. I wouldn’t want to have to live with any
kind of lingering resentment or anger. Like they say it really would eat you up inside.

My Thoughts

In my head there is a song;
it has been playing there for very long.
I know because of experience that it is a continuous play;
I “have” told these thoughts that they cannot stay.
I really do love this piece of musical art;
this continuous play I do outsmart.
This song is by Tesla, titled Only What You Give;
a song about love and how it is to live.
This song that is on continuous play;
I just go about my day.
With all of my thoughts on their way.

The Other Side

The one thing I would love to do most before I die is to stop that darkest hour from happening. The Lord is my Sheppard and I do believe that a time of salvation is coming. To experience this would truly be superb.
I would also love to be around long enough to tour some of Europe. France, Italy, Britain, Ireland, and some others; the old country and the home of some of my ancestors. It really is very fascinating.
Breaking away from an abusive family and going to university for a couple of years would escalate me into the social aspect of putting something into life. I have spent years trying to achieve this and it tickles me as much as living forever.
The trip to Europe would work nicely into my chosen career; this could be a good sign.
It is also very important to me for my work to be teeming with efficiency. Also to have this effectiveness in the other areas of my life.
These are my main feats and if these materialize the small stuff, that I don’t sweat, will fall in place.

Time to Snuggle

Time to Snuggle

Friday night was always my night to party.  My Saturday would start with turning on the morning cartoons and recover from the night before.  As I got older I got free of the party and I started to look forward to Saturday Night at The Movies on TVO.  I would make my popcorn, get my pillow, blanket, and then I would settle in to watch.  TVO doesn’t have the program any longer and I gave up the popcorn.  A movie can be hard to find on regular TV.  I found a  Smart TV on sale at Tepperman’s; a gift from a very good friend of mine.  Now its to find the time to work it back into my schedule.  Blogging University and my regular routine has kept me very busy.  I have been getting some  time to relax in front of the TV and my blogging education is starting to pay its rewards.  This evening I have a commitment and when I get home it is Saturday Night at The Movies.  I will be relaxed with my pillow and blanket (my blog is on its way) in front of my home entertainment center.  Now I am looking forward to one day having my guy with me and on Saturday Night we can snuggle and watch a movie.

Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me

This expression sounds as dangerous as it could be.  The thing with chances is you just never know what the odds or what the outcome may be.  I am not a lucky person by no means, far from it.  Chances are something I stay away from.  If it is a sure thing then it is not a chance.  The only thing which I just realized is that by not taking these chances you might lose an opportunity of a life time.  In my life because my luck is so bad (a lot of shut doors) that chance just has not existed.  The knobs are just starting to turn and when those doors are opened I will be ready to do what I have always wanted to do.   So take a chance on me;  the pot of  is at the end of the rainbow. 



This winter that just past; I though it just might be my last.

Throughout the year I had a blast exercising and leaving eighteen pounds in the past.

When Christmas came I started to lose my ground:  my diet sabotaged; I needed to be found.

All of the sweets I had resisted:  I started gorging and becoming twisted.

I was defeated and hurt by the spell cast.

Then God had said it wouldn’t last.

Last week I lost one pound.

I am back on track:  “by God!” I am found.